For SharePoint Administrators

Ensure your App Catalog exists

Steps to download and install the Aardvark application into SharePoint

  • Download file from here
  • Visit SharePoint Online App Catalog

  • Go to Apps for SharePoint

  • Drag file into catalog

  • If prompted, check the box "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization"

  • Ensure the sppkg file is selected:

  • Select the Files tab from the ribbon

  • Hit Sync to Teams
  • Your users will be able to add the Aardvark Sales for Teams to Channels in their Teams:

For Microsoft Teams Users

A final step is to deploy Aardvark into Microsoft Teams

  • Launch your Microsoft Teams application

  • From within any 'Team' click the '+' symbol to add a tab

  • Select the 'Aardvark Sales for Teams' entry from the list of 'Tabs for your team'

Enjoy using your version of Aardvark within Microsoft Teams