Deployment Related

Question: Do I need to buy a subscription first to deploy your product?

Answer: You can immediately buy a subscription if you wish but on first use the product will automatically give you a 30 day trial.

Settings Related

Question: What does "Select a List" mean?

Answer: ASfT stores its data in your O365 tenancy and specifically within a SharePoint to ensure the data stays that way. You do not need to be actively using SharePoint in your organisation. In case you do have a SharePoint administrator that insists you use a particular list, we have provided you with a drop down to target to that preferred list.

Getting Started Related

Question: Why when launching the app do I just get a spinning loading screen?

Answer: We have noticed that sometimes when the MS Teams application has been running for long periods of time it requires a restart before ASfT loads for the first time.

Customisation Related

Question: I want to change the colour scheme, how do i do it?

Answer: We provide this facility within "Settings" under section "Styling Options". By default it will inherit the MS Teams "Theme Background Colour" which you can override using the colour selector provided.

Sales Board Related

Question: How do I progress an opportunity through the stages of our pipeline?

Answer: There are two ways to progress an opportunity record to the next stage in the pipeline. 1. nudge the item left or right on the kanban view using the "< or >" buttons shown on hover. or 2. drag and drop the item to any other stage.

Reporting Related

Question: Can I export any reports?

Answer: The current version does not support a built in export facility (see ASfT Roadmap for when it will). However you can do a screen capture using the following keyboard shortcut (Alt + PrtScr).

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